About Us

Chappies Cherries and Berries

21 Parker Rd, Silvan VIC 3795, Australia
Phone: 9737 9534

Chappies have a variety of crops including Cherries, Raspberries and Blackberries available for you to U-Pick or buy fresh from our shop during our harvest season.

The Chappies Story

R.L. Chapman & Sons Pty Ltd (Mark and Steve Chapman) is a 4th generation fruit growing business. Our family has been growing fruit for over 120 years. 

We are referred to as Chappies, and farm 50 hectares at Silvan in the beautiful Yarra Valley (in the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria), a one hour drive from the centre of Melbourne.

We have been operating our U-Pick (pick your own) business for berries since 1970 when our father Gordon introduced the U-pick concept to Australia after a visit to the USA.

A fantastic day out for the family where everyone can pitch in and pick some fruit, have a taste and better understand where those lovely fruits come from.

If you don’t want to pick, you are welcome to come to the farm and buy our freshly picked fruit from Chappies farmgate shop, or place your order online and we’ll ensure your fruit is picked freshly for you!

The Chappies Experience

How to make the most out of fresh cherries!

 Did you know that cherries don’t ripen once they’re picked?

If you’re picking your own cherries, be sure to pick them when they’re ripe!  It’s important to only pick the ripe cherries and leave the rest on the tree to ripen in their own time.  Judge a ripe cherry by its colour…a nice dark red.  Our U-pick staff will be available to give you some guidance if you’re unsure. 

Stems on!  Pick your ripe cherries with the stems attached, that way they’ll stay fresh for longer.  Take the very top of the stem between your thumb and fore-finger and gently “peel” it backwards off the branch without roughly pulling bunches of cherries from the tree.  Please avoid breaking branches or pulling off the buds – without them, there’ll be no cherries for the future generation of that tree!

At Chappies we keep the height of our cherry trees low enough for there to be fruit available within reach.  Climbing of trees is not permitted for everyone’s safety.  Refrain from pulling branches down to pick your cherries.  If you pull branches down, they will break and therefore impair the tree’s cropping for future seasons. 

Store your fresh cherries in the fridge in an airtight container.  Be sure to use a shallow container rather than a deep one, that way your cherries won’t get squashed. Your cherries should last in the fridge for at least a week.

Consider freezing some of your cherries to use throughout the year.  Pit the cherries first, package them into a “zip lock” plastic bag and store in your freezer.  You can then defrost them to use when you’re baking muffins, pastries or you fancy a cherry smoothie!  When cherries de-frost they will be slightly “mushy” but the flavour will still be delicious.